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Wind River Herbs
P.0. Box 1462

Thayne, WY 83127

Farming and Production Methods

Healthy, potent plants must have healthy soil. We maintain the vitality of our soil through approved organic methods such as cover crop planting to enrich the soil.

  • We regularly test our soil for quality and nutritive health, and maintain records because gardening is an evolving process.
  • We maintain plant diversity within our garden system to promote healthier plants.
  • Our plants are harvested depending on the peak of their medicinal qualities to maximize potency.
  • We recycle materials on our farm.
  • We believe that farming is a co-creative process. Each farmland is unique, changing, and requires our partnership with nature to support the health and balance of plants. 

Other Plants We Use:

When it is necessary to acquire plants from other sources, we use organic or certified organic plants when possible.

Responsible ecological agriculture recognizes the relatedness of living things and their environment, including social, economic, and political relationships.

Wildharvested Plants:

There are plants from the wild that cannot successfully be cultivated. When it is necessary to work with these plants we first determine if they are on an authenticated national endangered list. We also determine the status of the plant in our bio-region. If it is clear from sources that the plant is nationally and locally endangered, we determine if a more readily available plant can be substituted. In this way we practice environmentally responsible wildharvesting.

Plants are wildharvested from private and national forest land in our area. When we collect plants, we observe and document plant life and animal life in specified geographic regions, from year to year.

Wind River Herbs Laboratory:

  • We study the unique constituents of plants and our processing method reflects the appropriate procedure that most optimizes the properties of each plant.
  • We practice good manufacturing procedures (GMP).
  • We maintain a lot traceability system.
  • We periodically quality test extract batches.
  • We retain samples of all raw materials and finished extracts.
  • We make botanical pressings from wildharvested plants.
  • We use a plant identification system.

Macerations are processed potentizing daily in stainless steel containers percolations are made in glass percs using wind river herbs proprietary method.




For More Information - 307.883.7070 - 800.903.4372 - - P.0. Box 1462 - Thayne, WY 83127

Wind River Herbs is a member of the American Botanical Council and the Herb Research Foundation

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